No Judgements?

As I’m sure most of you who are reading this know, I am a bodybuilder. Why? I still compete because competition is all I’ve ever really known. I started playing football when I was 7 and played until I was 17. I wrestled for 7 years, including some collegiate time. I played Men’s Division I…

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Safety Tech!

Being a sports physician, I am always looking at safety during athletic events.  Being a bit of a nerd, I also appreciate innovative technology.  One of the coolest stories I have seen in the recent past was one dealing with the new helmet research that has been going on at Virgina Tech. Basically, they are…

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New Year, Same You?

New Year’s resolutions actually anger me.  Now I’m not totally innocent.  I’ve used the calendar to motivate me a bit to change my diet back to clean, or get back to a cardio regime, but the idea of those who feel like health is a priority for January gets me a little bothered.  Number one,…

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Flu Vaccines

So the time when everyone gets rolling on the vaccine kick.  “Do I get a flu shot? Should my kids or my elderly grandparents get one?”  I usually answer with the politically correct answer, “Well, Mrs. Jones, I don’t get them myself, and I don’t advise my family to get one, but you should probably…

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