Safety Tech!

Safety comes first at Virginia Tech!
Safety comes first at Virginia Tech!

Being a sports physician, I am always looking at safety during athletic events.  Being a bit of a nerd, I also appreciate innovative technology.  One of the coolest stories I have seen in the recent past was one dealing with the new helmet research that has been going on at Virgina Tech. Basically, they are monitoring impact forces and acceleration on helmets and being able to determine whether or not a player should be checked following a hard hit.  It’s all done via wireless signals sent to a laptop from sensors inside the helmet.  Those signals can alert the training staff by pager to alert them that something could be wrong.  Of course, there is more information that can predict injury or concussion than just the forces that are able to be measured, but seriously, this is cool stuff.  Click Here for more info, and here for a great video.

– Dr. Craig

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