My Supplement Arsenal!


20130125-214816.jpgMany people ask me what supplements I take or recommend. If I wrote all of the ones I’ve taken over the years, I think the internet would run out of space. That being said, these are my staples currently.

Multivitiamin: 6 Catalyn (Standard Process), once per day, taken in the AM.

Joint Support: 3 Glucosamine Synergy (Standard Process), once per day, taken in the AM

Vitamin C: 4-5 Cataplex C (Standard Process)/depending on energy taken once or twice per day.

Hormone Support: 2 Lean Balance Estro-Crush (STS), twice per day, AM and PM.

EFA’s: 2 Tuna Omega Three (Standard Process) and 1 Black Current Seed Oil (Omega 6 fatty acid by Standard Process), both together, twice per day.

Pre Workout: Fast Twitch (Cytosport) or NOS Pumped (Worldwide) with Blox (BPI) Silk Amino Acids mixed in.

Protein: Either Vi-Shake (Visalus) or Pro-Peptide (CNP Nutrition), usually mixed with Smuckers’ Natural Peanut Butter. This decision is based on my carb intake at the time. I will often do a Met-RX RTD as well, and more rarely, mix up an origninal Met-RX.

BCAA’s: 5-6 per day (Optimum)

Fat Burner: Roxylean (BPI), Fastin (Hi-Tech) or MX-LS7 (i-Satori)

Bone and Muscle Support: 6 Calcium Lactate (Standard Process), once per day

Those are the typical daily ones. Some of the others I will add along the way include St. John’s Wort, Cinnamon, Cataplex B, Cataplex D and other specific organ support from Standard Process (as needed based on testing). Questions on your supplement stack? Ask me at


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