Where Humanity Is Failing

I don’t even know what to say about some of the senseless acts that are done in this country and elsewhere. I would never have the inner knowledge of what goes on in a psychopath’s head to think its ok to kill their own 5 month old, or shoot up a school, or plant bombs at the end of a marathon.  I hate turning on the news anymore, as it seems that it is rarely good news.  Death, destruction, war and gloom seem to be what makes headlines.  Natural disasters are rampant, murder and terrorism continue, and innocent lives are lost daily.  As the father of two young children, what do I expect them to have to deal with as they grow up?  What is the future for their children?  What answers are there to the growing problems that our society faces/

I don’t know the answers to the questions posed above.  I’m not a philosopher or a world leader.  I probably will never be able to change public policy.  Here is what I do know.  Parents need to parent correctly.  Educators need to educate correctly.  If parents don’t want to parent, then the educators need to have the disciplinary rights they need to actually help the kids in the classroom.  I’m not saying they need corporal punishment, but it’s not the worst idea.  Parenting classes should be free and required to every first time mother and father.  If you don’t attend, you pay higher taxes or are unable to receive any type of government assistance.  There are too many chances that people have to continue raising children after they’ve proven they can’t do it.  God in schools?  Absolutely.  Don’t like it? Send your kids to a different one or home school them since you know better.

We’re in peril here as a human race.  I’m open to suggestions, but more of the same is not getting us anywhere.  Sorry to bring back my blogging with a negative subject, but it’s not exactly a positive day.

-Craig Banks, DC

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