Which Program Is Best?

Which is right for me?Often I get asked what program works the best. This could be referencing a diet, supplement program, training regimen, or even a chiropractic care plan. Most people don’t like my answer. My answer is: “Whichever one you want to do.” Before you think I’m being a wise guy and avoiding the question, let me explain.

Nearly any structured program will work if you stick with it. Provided you aren’t following the “ice cream and marshmallow diet”, a general caloric reduction and the introduction of healthier foods spaced out over four or more smaller meals will work. Chiropractic care works if you follow the doctors recommendations.  I see it all the time at Pinnacle Chiropractic, where a person will tell me, “It’s not helping me as much as I thought.”  Then, we go back and look at how many missed appointments the person has had, and find out if they’re really doing those exercises I gave. Any type of structured workout program will help, but the limiting factor is you. If you quit or give up, the program won’t work on auto-pilot. Work hard, don’t quit.  Do the program that you want to do, because that is the one you are most likely to stick with.

-Dr. Craig

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